Case Study: Bormioli Pharma

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This case study tells about the machinery conformity restoring project we have conducted for Bormioli Pharma, a leading company in the production of pharmaceutical packaging.

3 Steps for Machinery Conformity Restoring

We have managed a plant-wide project that started with mapping the work equipment and setting the work priorities. We carried out risk assessments of the individual machines and production lines and defined technical changes which could then be tested. The final stage involved drafting the use and maintenance manual and issuing the declaration of conformity signed by H-ON Consulting.

However, in the case of projects of this size, it is important to keep all the documentation on file and ensure the safety of the machines and systems in the long term. To do so, Bormioli Pharma chose to implement H-DOCS, the monitoring compliance software that helps digitize the technical and compliance documents.


Our workflow:

1. Work equipment and gaps analyses

2. Issuing of the mandatory conformity documents

3. Maintenance of machinery conformity



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