How to obtain China Manufacturer License (SELO License)

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The China Manufacturer License (CML) authorizes a company to sell its products, categorized as “special equipment”, in the Chinese market, one of the fastest grow-up market in the world. It is released by SELO (China Special Equipment Licensing Office), therefore it is also called SELO License.

Before applying for a China Manufacturer License, it’s important to understand which are the “special equipment” and so for which products certification is compulsory. If such a product arrives in China without the certification, it cannot make it through customs and will result in a high amount of extra costs for the manufacturer. The of uncertified products for which certification is mandatory is illegal and is punished with high penalties.

Which products are subject to obtain China Manufacturer License

In case of exporting to China, not all products of Special Equipment Catalogue are mandatory to obtain the certificate, only the following categories, each category is divided in into different classes according to their design, intended use parameters, construction material:

  • Boiler
  • Pressure Vessels
  • Gas Cylinder
  • Safety Equipment
  • Pressure pipeline components(Pressure pipe and Pressure pipe valve only)

For boilers with a volume of at least 30L and a reted pressure of at least 0.1 MPa, SELO certification is mandatory.

For pressure vessels with a rated pressure of at least 0.1 MPa and the product of pressure and volume not less than 2.5 Mpa*L, they include stationary pressure vessels, transportable pressure vessels and medical oxygen cabins.

For gas cylinder with standard boiling point less than 60℃, a rated pressure of at least 0.1 MPa and the product of pressure and volume not less than 1.0 Mpa*L, SELO Certification is mandatory.

For safety equipment, it includes safety valves, bursting discs, emergency Shut-off valves and Gas Cylinder Valves.

For pressure pipeline components, they include only pressure pipe and pressure pipe valve.


Process to obtain the SELO License

During the licensing process, many different Chinese Authorities are involved – including SELO, SESA, AQSIQ and CSEI. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to submitting all documents to the correct authority.

Our team can support you in the process of obtaining the SELO License:

  1. We check if your product requires a SELO certificate. It’s recommended that all pressure vessel products get checked by SELO before exporting them to China because there are some exemptions.
  2. Application documents are submitted through SAMR’s system, such as Business License, Quality Manual, company introduction, in-process product data (including drawing), copy of the certificates issued by other related international authorities.
  3. Once the application documentation is accepted, for some products, such as safety valves, bursting discs, gas cylinders or accumulators, type tests will be required.
  4. For other products, such as boilers, gas cylinders or accumulators, a design approval has to be obtained. Therefore technical drawings will need to be submitted and approved from the responsible authority, according to the Chinese technical safety standards and codes.
  5. After the documents of test are accepted the on-site audit will be required. During the audit, special focus will be placed on the quality manual and supporting documentation will be checked.
  6. After the on-site audit, the audit team arrives in China, the audit report will be transferred to SESA of AQSIQ for approval. SESA shall decide whether the SELO license shall be issued or not within 25 working days after receiving the audit report. After receiving the license, products can be sold in China.

In sum, the whole procedure for obtaining the China Manufacturer License will take about 10 month and total cost including the audit fee, travel cost, etc. will be depended on the complexity of products.


We have just named SESA, SELO and CSEI, what are their main responsibilities?

Special Equipment Safety Administration Bureau (SESA) is the governmental authority in charge of special equipment manufacturer licensing. Its main responsibilities are legislation and policy formulation.

Special Equipment Licensing Office (SELO) is an office established by SESA. SELO handles daily contact between applicants and Chinese authorities. Its main responsibilities include policy consultation, receiving and processing application materials.

China Special Equipment Inspection and Research Institute (CSEI) is a state-owned inspection agency for special equipment. Its main responsibilities include domestic and international manufacturer audits, and special equipment inspections.


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