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Code of Ethics

Introduction to our

Code of Ethics

This document does not provide rules already contained in the laws but defines the behavior that the company has decided to follow, in addition to the ones already determined by the law, in order to act according to its values.
The Board of Directors of H-ON Consulting has decided to establish its own code of ethics to standardize the behavior of all those who collaborate with the company in order to pursue the objectives in accordance with their values.
Our values are what we believe in and dictate our behavior towards all those who interact with the company not only as a means to profit.
Therefore this document is intended to be a rational incentive to try to understand not only what is right to do, but also why it is necessary to do so.

Ethics and Company values

Ethics, in a broad sense, indicates that branch of philosophy that deals with all forms of human behavior, political, legal or moral; strictly speaking, however, ethics is distinct from both the policy and the law, as a branch of philosophy that deals more specifically with the sphere of good or bad actions, and not of those legally permitted or prohibited or the more politically appropriate.

We believe that the essential values around which we should develop our activities are:

  • Trust in people and suppliers;
  • Respect for people, suppliers, clients and competitors;
  • Modesty for the work we do and the entities with which we relate;
  • Honesty in relationships with people, suppliers, clients, competitors and the society in which we live and work;
  • Transparency in relationships with people, suppliers, clients and competitors
  • Confidentiality in relationships with people, suppliers, customers and competitors;
  • Impartiality with the people and suppliers;
  • Solidarity with the people in times of personal difficulties;
  • Diligence the execution of tasks and contracts. Contracts and work assignments must be carried out as knowingly determined by the parties.

Our commitment

Our purpose is to work in partnership with our clients in the pursuit of excellence exceeding expectations and maximizing business potential, we in turn thrive on the work satisfaction and experience. Our mission is to be the world’s best international provider of technical and engineering services for the safety and reliability of industrial products.

We do this through our values-based principles:

  • The well-being of the people;
  • The esteem of our customers and our competitors;
  • Satisfaction of our suppliers;
  • The innovation and quality of our products.

Our society is based on people, on their individuality and on team-building. For this reason we believe that the welfare of these people at work is essential for our work to be a source of satisfaction.

By the term wellness we synthesize a number of conditions such as:

  • A serene environment in which to work;
  • A perspective of personal growth;
  • The right remuneration;
  • A perspective of long-term work;
  • Solidarity and understanding of the company in times of personal difficulties;
  • The recognition of the value of their work.

On these aspects, we strive every day for continuous improvement by involving all personnel and investing a significant portion of our annual turnover in the development of human resources.

Suppliers, for all product categories, are our key assets. This is why we cooperate with everyone in order to establish a relationship of loyalty that leads to a successful partnership and that makes the supplier satisfied with our cooperation. For us, suppliers are not a mere exterior organization from which to get the best price, but rather the resources with whom to grow and aim for excellence and with due recognition.

The esteem of the market is fundamental to the business, we believe it is important to affirm our success in accordance with the respect for the customer. Customers are our partners in achieving success in business. We must work with them to enhance our products and to achieve their ultimate goals.

Competitors are our stimulus and positive challenge to be better and better. We are therefore driven by a strong and fair competitive spirit aimed at continuous improvement.

Rules of conduct

Some rules are essential information for all those who operate on behalf of H-ON Consulting with the goals that have been previously mentioned.

Personnel rules of conduct
The evaluation of personnel to be hired must be made by matching the profiles of candidates with the expectations and the needs of the company, in compliance with equal opportunity for all stakeholders;
Ensure the involvement of the staff in the performance of the work, including participation in discussions and functional decisions for the achievement of the company objectives;
Ensure transparency of the medium and long term strategy of the company;
It is an abuse of authority to demand services, personal favors or any conduct that violates this code of ethics.
Behavior that could disturb the sensibility of the person (for example, the exposure of images with explicit sexual references, insistent or continuous allusions) is not allowed.
It is prohibited to take disciplinary measures, dismissing or otherwise discriminating any employee for providing information concerning compliance with this code.

Conduct with suppliers
It is absolutely forbidden to propose employment and/or business that could provide benefit to the customer’s employees in a personal way.
It is absolutely forbidden to give gifts that could be interpreted as exceeding the normal commercial courtesy practices, or are aimed at obtaining favorable treatment in conducting any activity.
This standard, cannot be overridden even in those countries where offering gifts of value to commercial partners is customary;
Do not exploit conditions of ignorance or incapacity of the counterparties.It is essential to follow the rules contained in the code of ethics of each client.
If this were to be at odds with business rules, contact one of the board members who will provide the necessary instructions.

Conduct with competitors
It is prohibited to disclose information that could show our competitors in a bad light.
It is forbidden to try to obtain information from the client on your competitors and on the negotiations taking place.

Observance of the Code of Ethics

All those working on behalf of H-ON Consulting are bound to the knowledge and respect of the rules contained in this document. If you have doubts, you should contact one of the board members who will provide the necessary clarifications. All violations of this code should be reported to the board of directors that, following a thorough investigation of the incident, will decide any necessary sanctions, providing in any case a response to the one/those who have reported the event.

Disclosure of the Code of Ethics

This document must be disclosed by the heads of the company bodies to all parties concerned in respect with the current reporting procedures.

Approved by
H-ON Consulting Board of Directors
Prato, 25/06/2015