What Corporate Well-being means to us

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The concept of corporate well-being is not a piece of news, since it has been talked about for years and it has also been regulated by law. It’s a long time we discuss corporate well-being, while research highlights that companies’ ability to spread and promote the well-being of their employees strongly affects their efficiency and productivity.

It’s true and simple, quite obvious, to claim that most companies care about the well-being of their employees, but what they really mean by ” corporate well-being”?

Many people still believe that adequate pay is enough for the employees to be loyal, even though the corporate well-being is quite the contrary, or at least is not limited to this.

Although the correct remuneration is what each of us wishes to live life’s dream, professional growth is not a so short-sighted matter.

To us at H-ON Consulting, the well-being in the organization also go through training, involvement, and empowerment of our people, where each of these components is noticeable every day, on every single task or project.


Training, involvement, and empowerment as our corporate wellness factors


Training (and therefore professional growth) does not only concern hard skills, but above all the soft skills, on which we try to invest throughout the whole professional life, not just along with the on-boarding of new resources.

Professional growth is not limited to the career, it also means acquiring new knowledge and skills to be spent within the company. It means dealing with many challenges and opportunities and experiencing new things.


We strongly believe that our people’s growth drives an added value to the whole company.


Corporate well-being has a very close relationship also with involvement, which means to us to be informed, transparent, and been listening.

We believe it is not helpful to know your and your company goals when you don’t know why certain choices are taken. Knowing what people must do without knowing why they have to, doesn’t help professional growth.

We have been always shared our common goals in a structured manner, to let each member of our team contribute to their achievement. This reinforces our sense of belonging, which is what allows us to live well within our organization.


Finally, empowerment is a fundamental factor that must be intended on both taken and given responsibilities.

In fact, we mean empowerment as the ability to make decisions and take on the consequences, either positive or negative. It also means adjusting the actions based on results.

Empowerment is given to those who deserve it. This represents the positivity despite the risks, as well as many other aspects related to human resources. Maintaining the constant well-being of people within organizations is very complex and difficult.

Our commitment is always to ensure a balance between work and private life. We want to know when our people are happy because this is the most important goal we can reach together.


We always look for people who want to join us in our pursuit and be part of a team that delivers. Join us!

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