Cyber Security Risk Assessment, White Paper in collaboration with Tenable

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The protection offered by OT technology is still underestimated, thereby making control systems the Achilles’ heel of Industry 4.0 from a Cyber Security standpoint. In this White Paper, in collaboration with Tenable, we clarify what the OT Cyber Security Risk Assessment is.

Best practices for the protection of OT technologies

Convergence between the IT/OT networks requires a wide approach in order to ensure proper visibility and security. The need to control OT processes has led to a series of integrations, connections that expose OT systems to cyber risks. Integrated tools for visibility become even more critical to be able to ensure these two fields are efficiently protected, avoiding a silos approach.

In this White Paper:

  • IT/OT Convergence
  • IEC 62443 standard
  • What is Risk Assessment
  • High-level Risk Assessment
  • Low-level Risk Assessment
  • Asset Inventory and Vulnerability Management
  • Recommended solutions


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Cyber Security Industria 4.0


In collaboration with Tenable

Tenable is one of our most important partners in OT Cyber Security Projects. Thanks to the wide offer of solutions and to their high-skilled collaborators, we can reach mutual successes in terms of end-to-end Cyber Security goals in the interest of our customers. This White Paper was released to share our expertise and spread an added-value content.

Download the White Paper Cybersecurity and FSTEC

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