Eurasian Certification EAC / GOST Marking.

Do you want to distribute your products to Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Armenia?
Are you an industrial manufacturer that needs support with certification within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAC / GOST Marking)?

H-ON supports companies in all of the steps needed to obtain the Eurasian Certification (EAC).

When dealing with certification bodies we work with our Russian mother-tongue engineers.

Our turn-key service includes total management of the certification process with the ability to guide the customer from the outset of the project, including the bidding phase, until the completion of the certification.

These are our main advantages:

  • Mother-tongue Russian engineers
  • A long partnership with Russian Certification Bodies (CB)
  • A turn-key service (Documentation drafting, Applicant and Certification Body management)
  • Technical expertise
  • Adapting to the timeframe specified for the project
  • Applicant Service (Eurasian legal entity).


  1. H-ON will contact all of the necessary Russian Certification Bodies (CB) and Applicants
  2. With H-ON’s support the customer signs the Applicant contract with the Eurasian company
  3. Under H-ON supervision, the customer shall prepare all of the necessary technical documentation: drawings, manuals, datasheets
  4. H-ON will verify the quality control plan
  5. The customer shall prepare the Quality documentation, including all of the laboratory tests carried out
  6. H-ON will work on the preparation of the required documentation (Justifications of Safety, Technical Passports and Manuals). Documents will be bilingual (Russian and English)
  7. H-ON’s support will channel the customer into the Eurasian Economic Union market
  8. The Certification Body (CB) will check the Technical, Quality and Supply documentation presented
  9. The Certification Body (CB) will prepare drafts of CU TR certificates
  10. After the drafts have been approved, the Certification Body shall register the certificates and declarations

 Trust us as experts in the field!


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