H-DOCS, Monitoring compliance has never been easier

H-ON Consulting has launched H-DOCS, a monitoring compliance software designed to solve the issues related to the management of technical and conformity documents.

Why monitoring compliance documents is a common issue

The management of the technical and conformity documents of the plants and machinery is always very complex. There are many topics, concerning products (machines) and end-users, and very often, there are more factories and divisions to handle.

The archiving and updating of this documentation is generally performed by different corporate officers and assigned staff, and this activity is usually widespread and diversified both according to archiving typologies (paper or digital) and at organizational levels (departments, technical office, and HSE).

Most often, the documentation is subject to deadlines according to law or good practice and is hardly manageable.


Difficulties in controlling the presence, updates, and completeness of the documentation are very common within the diverse organizations, as we have noticed for long while working with our customers. We wanted to make easier the process of managing conformity documentation for our customers; for this purpose, we have designed H-DOCS, a cutting-edge technological tool that represents tangible support for the workers involved in such a task. H-DOCS assures the best user experience ever, thanks to a software interface easy to interact with and high responsiveness. H-DOCS helps deal with all the operations related to archiving, updating, monitoring, and managing the deadline of the technical and conformity documents.


How H-DOCS solves the issues related to the monitoring of compliance

H-DOCS is a monitoring compliance software conceived to solve all the problems related to archiving the technical and conformity documents.

H-DOCS covers the need for simplifying the management of such documents through a few main features:

  • Archiving on Cloud (Microsoft)
  • Possibility to exchange data with other software (for example SAP)
  • Various authentication privileges according to the corporate role covered
  • Percentage of the documentation can be identified “on the spot” with various depth levels according to the needs of the corporate role covered
  • Multiplant Management with Plants Worldwide localization
  • Details up to single machines (plants, plant, departments, lines, machinery)
  • Continual maintenance with controls and checks on the status of documents by H-ON Consulting at intervals set by the customer
  • Access to the documentation from fixed and mobile devices
  • Markups and updates of the technical documentation with ePencil
  • Compilation of checklists and documentation with ePencil
  • Management schedules, sending of alerts and/or emails to the relevant owners
  • Modular implementation of the software functions



Monitoring compliance has never been easier

Watch the video to find out more.


In the video above, we show some of the main functions of H-DOCS, for instance:

plants and modules visualization, how to check the documents linked to a plant, how to go more into detail of either a department or a single machine.


Watch the full Video Tutorial


H-DOCS is characterized by a user-friendly software interface that allows us to easily deal with many tasks, from just checking the documents to editing the digital copy of the documents. Thanks to the archiving on the cloud, the documents will always be at your disposal by simply accessing from anywhere on any mobile device.


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