H-ON Consulting, a story of innovation for the well-being of businesses and people

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“H-ON Consulting was born out of our shared idea of creating a business model strongly oriented to the well-being and the safety of people.” – say Francesco Rosati, Massimiliano Latini and Rossano Rossetti, H-ON Consulting founders.

The acronym of H-ON is “Helmet ON”, which means a lot to us. Our attention is always focused on safety.  We lead companies towards professional improvement aimed at ensuring the prevention and the protection of their businesses and operators. We provide engineering consulting at an international level for the safety and reliability of industrial products. Our motto is Product Safety, because people come first.

Our company is the result of a long lasting friendship, which has encouraged each one of us over the years to reciprocally increase our skills. Thanks to a technical background in electronic engineering and an operational experience of over 20 years, we have been collaborating with companies that promote safety as a part of corporate culture. We must thank our partners for this lesson. Today our aim is helping companies manage their activities by minimizing risks and promoting the excellence of their products.

Passion, flexibility, listening ability, detailed technical knowledge, as well as speed of delivery of high-quality customized solutions are our most valuable qualities that companies appreciate.

Our staff has years of operating experience in the design of integrated automation systems, in the implementation of software and in the mechanical design of machines and plants. This know-how is an important added value that benefits our customers when designing the safety of their systems. We are proud of our team, a group of technicians capable of working in synergy and with great enthusiasm. Thanks to our attitude towards innovation and the influence of global managerial models, we encourage alternative ways of working, for example with the possibility of working remotely. We also ensure the professional satisfaction of our employees, which is a fundamental aspect to us.


Our deliberately people-oriented business has developed naturally, thanks to the fortune of having learned a lot from the years we spent outside of our nation’s borders. Our headquarter is based in Prato (Italy), but we inaugurated our first foreign office in Houston, Texas. We are also present in Glasgow and Moscow and we have recently entered the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets.

Our core business developed focused on services for compliance and certification of machines and plants according to the international ISO / IEC standards. Our services are aimed at manufacturers and end users of industrial machinery, leaders in the world of Oil & Gas, which actually still represents one of our leading sectors. We are also currently working for Energy and Automotive sectors, for manufacturing industries leaders in the production of metal or plastic, paper, pharmaceutical and chemical materials, and we are also operational in the Food & Beverage, packaging and rail industries.

We invest a lot in R&D, Marketing and Innovation, which are the drivers that allow us to project our business towards a cutting-edge future in the field of safety engineering consulting. For this reason we have positioned ourselves beyond our limits by extending our consultancy to additional services, which now represent an absolute priority for large manufacturing companies. Indeed, we are specialized in the field of Industrial Cyber ​​Security, thanks to the ISA99 / IEC62443 certification, which allows us to provide support in implementing a Cyber Security Management System in compliance with the IEC 62443 international standard.


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