Conformity certificates for Russia (not only the EAC certificate!)

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In order to have a comprehensive overview of conformity certificates for Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union, we will now explore two more types of certification that were added to the EAC certification scheme: the Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) certificate and the voluntary Intergazcert certification.

What the RMRS certificate is

The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) is a world-class classification company, closely associated with ice ships, high-tech icebreakers, and ice-resistant equipment for the development of offshore oil and gas fields.

The Registry is a member of the International Association of Classification Societies (IACS). The materials that must be installed on Russian naval units, fixed or mobile platforms with the Russian flag must be certified and/or supervised in accordance with the rules defined by the Register itself.

This can cause some difficulties in relation to the identification of the certification scope and applicable requirements based on the rules set out by the Register of Shipping, which shall be evaluated depending on the product.

The achievement of the RMRS certificate passes through a series of phases:

  1. Identification of the RMRS rules and regulations to be applied to the product by verifying the range of application documents to be compliant with, according to the type of product and destination (for example ships, fixed or mobile platform)
  2. Identification of the type certification and supervision procedures; rules establish different processes depending on the type of product and its function on board
  3. Identification of the applicable technical requirements
  4. Involvement of the RMRS competent office to submit the application for certification services
  5. Preparation of the documentation required for the approval of the request for certification and organization of visits to production plants to be overseen
  6. Sharing the documentation (to be reviewed with the help of a technical expert) with the Certification Body
  7. Interface with the manufacturer to manage any problems during the process
  8. Conducting audits in production and/or laboratory tests (when necessary or requested by the Certification Body).


What Intergazcert is and who should be certified

The Intergazcert voluntary certification system was created by PJSC Gazprom and covers products and business processes. Intergazcert is a certification system that was created for those suppliers involved in projects with Gazprom or its subsidiaries. Intergazcert is actually a supplier qualification process. Although it is a voluntary certification system, it is often a mandatory requirement for manufacturers who wish to carry out key projects with Gazprom.

The Intergazcert certification system does not replace the mandatory EAC certification for Russia: it is rather an additional system. Products are classified in various categories depending on the safety level of the system in which they will be installed.

The Intergazcert certification process is similar to the EAC scheme, but with some differences:

  1. The applicant (a company registered in the EAEU territory) submits the application form to the Intergazcert Central Office
  2. The applicant purchases the rules and regulations that will be used to verify the conformity of the certified equipment
  3. The Intergazcert Office suggests to the applicant what certification centers are able to carry out the certification process
  4. The applicant chooses the Certification Body among those proposed and signs an agreement with it

Finally, the applicant and the Certification Body can perform the certification process. This process is similar to any other certification process (including the preparation and control of documentation, tests, verifications, and so on), but, after the certificate has been registered, annual surveillance may be required.


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