Supportiamo i nostri clienti nel realizzare i loro progetti con la continua introduzione di nuove soluzioni operative.

Le aziende che ci danno fiducia da anni

I nostri clienti sono fabbricanti e utilizzatori finali di componenti, sistemi, macchine e impianti industriali.

Collaboriamo con costruttori ed end user appartenenti a grandi gruppi e realtà consolidati nel panorama nazionale e internazionale, con i quali condividiamo la stessa filosofia del fare impresa: credere sempre nel valore della sicurezza, nello sviluppo delle competenze e nell’evoluzione del business.

Per i nostri clienti, come per noi, la sicurezza del prodotto è la massima priorità. La condivisione di questa idea ci permette di garantire la sicurezza, l’affidabilità e la cyber security dei prodotti industriali per proteggere gli asset produttivi, gli operatori, l’ambiente e i clienti finali dai rischi causati dalla mancata conformità dei prodotti industriali.

Crediamo che sia fondamentale affermare il proprio successo nel pieno rispetto dei clienti. I clienti sono i nostri partner per raggiungere gli obiettivi di business, in ottica di crescita professionale di entrambe le parti.

Per valorizzare i prodotti dei nostri clienti è essenziale lavorare perseguendo obiettivi comuni. I nostri servizi di consulenza hanno per questo il preciso obiettivo di fornire soluzioni operative, le più idonee e tecnicamente rilevanti in base alle specifiche esigenze delle aziende, per il raggiungimento della conformità agli standard di safety e di security applicabili.


Abbiamo maturato esperienze di valore nei seguenti settori:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Energia
  • Automotive
  • Metallo
  • Carta
  • Farmaceutico
  • Plastica
  • Vetro
  • Food & Beverage
  • Chimico
  • Packaging
  • Trasporti

Le esperienze condivise con i nostri clienti







"Thanks to their in-depht technical knowledge in the world of Operational Technology we are raising the security level of our systems with innovative and concrete solutions."

SET S.p.A. (Repower)
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"The training course on Functional Safety (IEC 61508) was very useful, well-conceived and well-explained, despite the heaviness of the topics."

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"Their support in identifying the risks for the SIL calculation and the Performance Level, has allowed us to offer a high level service to our customers."

Piombino Tech
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"Their flexible and innovative approach to Cyber Security Risk Assessment had been the key for the success of our conformity project according to IEC 62443 standards."

Zach System
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"We strongly recommend them as a guarantee of impartiality along the Functional Safety Assessment process, preliminary to the issue of SIL certificate."

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"Our collaboration with H-ON Consulting was successful due their expertise and ability to provide technical, engineering and safety knowledge."

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"We recommend H-ON Consulting because they are a firm that shares inspiring values, such as continuous professional growth and innovation seeking."

Körber Tissue
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"The consultancy service has been extremely helpful to understand how to manage machinery conformity in our plants."

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"Thanks to the trainer’s expertise, we have acquired the expected knowledge about the IEC 61508, EN 62061, and ISO 13849 standards."

TSM Sensors
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"We have appreciated not only the support to optimize the specification, but also the knowledge demonstrated on electronic apparatus, software and process."

Fives OTO S.P.A.
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"Their technicians have proven capable of supporting our organization and offering technically sound solutions."

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"H-ON Consulting has proven to be a reliable partner with a high level of expertise."

Berco S.p.A. (Thyssenkrupp)
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"Thanks to their technical knowledge and ability to provide flexible solutions, they provided us with the most comprehensive support."

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"The collaboration was a very successful experience for both companies."

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"We have appreciated the high professionalism, expertise and ability in the difficult understanding about our request and the EAC rules."

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"We highly recommend H-ON Consulting service for their expert industrial knowledge concerning machines, process, digital data."

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"We would like to recommend H-ON Consulting as a reliable partner in the field of machine conformity for its outstanding service."

Parker Hannifin Manufacturing
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"Their well-known flexibility has been the main reason why we have chosen H-ON Consulting as our supplier. "

Riva Acciaio S.p.A. (Riva Group)
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"We appreciated H-ON Managers for their technical expertise and ability to emphathize. Thanks to their flexible approach they were able to greatly support us in every phase of the project."

Filters S.p.A.
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"For this reason we recommend H-ON Consulting as a reliable and trustworthy supplier in the field of standard compliance and product certification."

BRUSH Electrical Machines Ltd
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"We really appreciate the attention for the details during their visits and in the technical reports. This kind of work represents an optimal basis for our goals in safety."

Toscana Ondulati S.p.A. (DS Smith Packaging Division)
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"H-ON has proven to have a high level of technical expertise and excellent project management skills."

Unilever (Algida)
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"H-ON is a consulting partner which understands the customers’ needs from the very beginning. Their engineers are able to provide a constant added value with regards to product safety."

Bormioli Rocco
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"The implementation activities of the risk assessment, which aimed at achieving the CE marking (Directive 2006/42/EC) and its Minimum Safety and Health Requirements (2009/104/EC, Annex V for Italy), was in line with our expectations and showed a deep knowledge of complex processes.”

Ferroli Spa
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"Advantages with H-ON included resolving issues, responsiveness of colleagues, simplified procedures, explicit negotitation on every detail and speed of feedback backed by an extensive experience."

TechnoProgress (Russian CB)
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"The biggest benefit our company received working with H-ON Consulting was a combination of on-going flexibility and most of all speed of delivery."

Sirio Sistemi Elettronici
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"We found their competence, proactivity and availability unmatched and reliable. The biggest benefit our company received working with them was the refinement of our existing method and new development of good procedures."

Drass Tecnologie Sottomarine
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"H-ON managers demonstrate a high level of professional competence and have a constant active involvement during the process."

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"They are recognizable for their time management, high level of competency while managing projects, and overall operative experience in the field."

General Electric
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"H-ON has a considerable expertise in the steel field and is able to identify technical solutions from a security point of view whilst leaving intact the equipment operation from the point of view of production."

Acciai Speciali Terni (ThyssenKrupp)
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"Their engineers are really helpful, highly knowledgeable and very competent. As a business we have found them to be professional at all times."

Duferco Travi e Profilati
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"H-ON managers have demonstrated a high level of professional competence and showed a constant and active involvement throughout the whole project. We have found their level of technical know-how, proactivity and availability unmatched. "

CCS a Frigel Group Company
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"H-ON Consulting has proven to be a capable business partner that understands and effectively executes on the basis of project requirements within agreed upon timelines."

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"They have helped us find practical solutions for previously installed machines that need to be upgraded to comply with local standards as well as for new ones. This is not an easy issue. However, H-ON can do it! Many of our machines have been CE marked by H-ON."

Freudenberg Politex
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"H-ON has carried out the analysis of all production lines for our glass and plastic artefacts in all company plants with the aim to develop a multi-year plan for the conformity restoring of our production assets. They have been involved in the research and development of new technological solutions for the risk mitigation of production machines.

Bormioli Pharma
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"We look forward to continuing to leverage H-ON’s experience and would not hesitate to recommend to any company looking for a reliable partner."

Saint Gobain
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"H-ON has an exceptional ability to work cross-culturally. Throughout our projects H-ON was able to professionally and quickly adjust to diversification while remaining and working globally minded."

Fabio Perini Körber Solutions GmbH
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"Thanks to its globally-minded and holistic approach, H-ON Consulting is able to provide flexible solutions and quickly adapt to the needs of the customer."

DS SMITH Packaging South Europe
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"The work was beyond our expectations in terms of cost savings and speed of delivery with which we accomplished our goals."

KME Group
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"The three biggest benefits you receive from partnering with H-ON are flexibility to adapt to the customers' needs on different types of projects, high technical skilled engineers, as well as reliability on managing projects on time with the expected quality level."

Rotork Fluid System
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"We highly recommend H-ON Consulting specifically for their expert industrial knowledge concerning our machines and processes. They have been a valued addition to our team."

AFV Acciaierie Beltrame
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"Passion, high level of competency, flexibility and speed of delivery are their characteristics. We have found them to be our “go-to” consulting firm as their efficiency and intelligence is untouchable."

Termomeccanica Industrial Process
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"Their skilled engineers have been providing assistance for the safety and compliance of our machineries in the plant of Lonato del Garda (BS) in order to obtain a CE marking."

Feralpi Siderurgica Spa
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"H-ON Consulting has an unconventional and clever way of thinking that has helped our company to solve practical issues in efficient ways."

DS SMITH Packaging
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Crediamo nella specializzazione, per questo abbiamo organizzato 5 linee di servizi

I nostri servizi sono applicabili ovunque ci sia un processo o un’automazione che deve essere sicura e protetta.
Per garantire una progettazione di sicurezza dei prodotti industriali forniamo una serie di servizi mirati per la sicurezza, l’affidabilità e la cybersecurity di componenti, sistemi, macchine e impianti industriali. Scopri le linee di servizio.


Inoltre, la nostra divisione interna BYHON è un ente accreditato ANSI in conformità con lo standard IEC 17065 e laboratorio autorizzato secondo IEC 17025 per la certificazione SIL in base allo standard IEC 61508 e per la certificazione in accordo agli standard IEC 62443 e lo schema ISASecure®. BYHON è l’unico organismo con casa madre italiana che gode dell’accreditamento ISA per il rilascio della certificazione ufficiale di Industrial Cyber Security. Scopri BYHON.


Abbiamo scelto di adottare il Sistema di Gestione per la Qualità secondo lanorma UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

Questo rappresento uno strumento per il miglioramento delle prestazioni, inoltre:

  • ISO 27001. Siamo certificati secondolo standard per la tutela delle informazioni.
  • D.lgs. 231. Abbiamo adottato il Modello di Organizzazione, Gestione e Controllo ai sensi del Decreto Legislativo 8 giugno 2001, n. 231 sulla “Responsabilità Amministrativa delle Imprese”.

Rete di partner per garantire le migliori soluzioni operative

La nostra consulenza ha il preciso obiettivo di fornire soluzioni operative, le più idonee e tecnicamente rilevanti in base alle specifiche esigenze dei nostri clienti. Ci poniamo sempre come consulente sopra le parti.

Il nostro compito è garantire la totale imparzialità e trasparenza nel suggerire gli strumenti più indicati da caso a caso, fra i migliori nel panorama nazionale e internazionale, senza obiettivo alcuno di vendita di prodotti, ma orientati alla sola soddisfazione dei bisogni dei nostri clienti.

Le nostre partnership nascono per restare aggiornati sulle ultime tecnologie, in modo da proporre sempre la soluzione più indicata e assicurare la completa risoluzione di ogni necessità in ambito safety e security.

Per questo, siamo Digital Transition Partner di Siemens Italia, soci delle associazioni per l’automazione e la digitalizzazione, fra cui Digital Industries World, ANIPLA, membri ISAGCA (ISA Global Cybersecurity Alliance) e abbiamo collaborazioni attive con enti di certificazione e numerosi fornitori di tecnologie.

Parlano di noi