H-ON Consulting is Lloyd’s Register Qualified Partner

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H-ON Consulting officially announces the collaboration with Lloyd’s Register as a Qualified Partner for machinery conformity restoring projects across the EU.

Lloyd’s Register is a maritime classification organization providing technical and economic services founded by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation, a British charity dedicated to science and engineering research and education since 1760.

The organization currently promotes the safety of life, for the property, and for the environment, assisting its customers along the process of certification, construction, and management of critical infrastructures. Lloyd’s Register is one of the most notable certification bodies operating Worldwide and covering any compliance certifications, including those relating to the safety of machinery and work equipment.


What means to us being a Qualified Partner

To us, who have always been dedicated to the safety and well-being of people, the role of Qualified Partner of Lloyd’s Register is an added value that makes us even more proud to be one of those promoters of a safety-oriented business culture around Europe.

This allows us to enrich our offer in the field of machinery conformity and CE certification.


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