Permit to use and Industrial Safety Expertise in Kazakhstan, the key points for manufacturers

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H-ON Consulting has completed a Permit to use activity in Kazakhstan for an Italian manufacturer. This is a quite unique job that contains certain risks, but result had been more than positive. Here is a few tips and recommendations to manufacturers for the approval of the Permit to use and Industrial Safety Expertise in Kazakhstan.

When doing Permit to use for industrial equipment in Kazakhstan (RK), this is what we must consider:

  • Unlike Russia, where Permits to use are no longer issued for manufacturers since 2014, this practice is still in place within Kazakhstan
  • The reference is the Law about Civil Safety of RK (Articles 73 and 75)
  • The final Permit to use is issued by authorities, while the approval process might rather take longer.

Mainly, the Permit to use, together with the Industrial Safety Expertise, shall be done for a complete hazardous facility. However, plant owners within Kazakhstan may ask for lower level Permits to use from their suppliers, since the Law about Civil Safety allows plant owners to elude this process somehow.

So, in order to receive the Permit to use for equipment on hazardous facility, applicants must apply to RK Ministry of Investments and Development – as for now, it is the assigned authority that issues the permits.

Prior to applying for the Permit to use, the Law about Civil Safety in RK (Article 73) obliges applicant to receive the Industrial Safety Expertise for the equipment under approval.

Industrial Safety Expertise can be only done by private accredited companies.


How to verify the Industrial Safety Expertise for equipment in Kazakhstan


Manufacturers must present to the designated private accredited company:

  • CU TR certificates
  • Technical passports
  • Test reports
  • Manuals in Russian or Kazakh language
  • Drawings


Only with this information we can be sure that equipment is safe and ready to be used in RK, and consequently issue the final Industrial Safety Expertise documentation.

The application form, together with the Industrial Safety Expertise, finally allows to apply for the Permit to use. Local authorities use to take 15 calendar days for the issue and registration of the Permit to use on the governmental web-portal. Please note that a paper copy of the Permit to use is never issued, but it is available on its dedicated web-link as well.

Timing is unfortunately the least flexible and the most adverse factor along the whole approval process, due to RK Ministry patterns of work. Therefore, delays in approval are possible.

In our case, for example, despite the approval process had been smooth for our client, an Italian manufacturer, we incurred a week of delay.

Thanks to our relevant experience in this field and the contacts with many accredited expert companies, our team of mother tongue experts can provide comprehensive support for the issue of the Industrial Safety Expertise and the application of the Permit to use within Kazakhstan.


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