H-on Consulting

Quality Policy

Introduction to our

Quality Policy

H-ON Consulting Policy has been always oriented to customer satisfaction. In accordance with the Law, this is mutually claimed by many companies in different industries. H-ON Management’s priority has always been to promote those values that inspired the company since its foundation:

  • To work with passionate collaborators
  • To be precise, on time and to develop a sense of commitment
  • To work with ethics, because besides companies, we must respect people and also the environment where we are living
  • To be flexible and modest with - and for - our customers, suppliers and competitors.

The Company has implemented the standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 in regards to the Quality Management System as a statement for continuos improving. This affects performance and process control, in order to increase our customers satisfaction. H-ON ensures that all the requirements are fullfilled and compliant to the Law.

Our commitment

The company has defined a Quality Policy based on the following fundamental principles and actions:

  • To create a brand identity that differs from other companies thanks to the high-quality performance that H-ON guarantees to its customers
  • To constantly satisfy customers’ needs, considering the trends of the marketplace
  • To guarantee the full satisfaction and the well-being of our employees
  • To maintain and update the procedures that fullfill the Quality Management System
  • To develop long-time and transparent partnership with our suppliers.

Therefore the company is committed to:

  • Increase process efficency throughout a continuos monitoring of performance
  • Ensure a high-level of expertise and know-how
  • Be flexible and aware in regards to any innovations within the marketplace
  • Enhance employees and collaborators, through a motivational system that empowers people and their professional growth
  • Demand the highest quality from third parties or collaborators at work
  • Ensure a meritocratic place that encourages the teamwork
  • Manage all the procedures in accordance with the Law (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015)
  • Draft a Strategic Business Plan including all the goals the Company is intended to achieve
  • Distinguish H-ON brand image and services from other companies by promoting a constant R&D activity plan to be completed together with customers and suppliers.

H-ON Management assumes all the responsabilites related to this Quality Policy release, by supporting the implementation of this Policy and by involving and assigning specific responsabilities to every collaborators.

Prato, 20/04/2018