Do you know where your industrial safety risks are located?

Safety Engineering

We support you in identifying the risks related to your industrial products and help you use this information to solve problems before they arise.

Our technical services ensure complete coverage of needs from manufacturers, end users, system integrators, as well as design and process engineers. We develop targeted and customized risk assessments for all types of components or systems in accordance with international safety standards.

targeted solutions for the risk assessment of industrial products for manufacturers

Risk Assessment

Are you an industrial manufacturer who needs support in identifying the risks related to the use of your machineries?

We develop risk assessments according to the best-proven international standards for all types of machineries, even for specific risks such as those caused by explosive atmospheres. The risk associated to a process, machinery, component or a specific activity can be assessed by means of qualitative or quantitative methods.
Our experienced specialists are able to identify any potential hazardous events and assess their likelihood, consequences and impact. We have proven experience in the development of risk assessment using the following regulatory approaches: ISO 12100, ISO 13894-1, IEC 17776, IEC 62061, ISO TR 22100-2.

Why H-ON Consulting:

  • We have more than 20 years of experience in Risk Assessment.
  • We offer the possibility to affix the CE mark to the product in our name, assuming the liability for the safety of the product.
  • We apply customized methods and templates in relation to risk assessment.
TARGETED Solutions FOR THE validatION OF COMPONents or systems according to the IEC 61508 standard (SIL Safety Integrity Level) for manufaturers

SIL Certification & Safety Life Cycle

H-ON Consulting: Safety Engineering - Certificazione SIL e Safety Life Cycle

Are you a manufacturer of components or integrated systems intended to perform one or more safety functions?

Whether it is about a sensor or a mechanical valve rather than a complex measurement system or a logic solver equipped with firmware or embedded software, the requirement is always the same, provided that these products are designed to be integrated into a safety loop: the validation of product compliance for safety applications by means of the Safety Life Cycle defined by the IEC 61508 series of standards.
Our consulting service includes complete assessment regarding the compliance of products, components or complex integrated systems for all SIL levels, from level 1 to level 3. Upon request, we are can also issue the relevant SIL certification (Safety Integrity level) which can be used at international level.

Why H-ON Consulting:

  • Customized service: you can request assistance if you need to obtain the SIL certification or a complete support, from the development to the implementation of all Safety Life Cycle phases.
  • Single interface for hardware and software: is your device equipped with firmware, or do you have a programmable logic solver with embedded software/firmware? No problem, we will support you in the entire procedure for the assessment of hardware and software.
  • Type SIL Certificate issued by H-ON Consulting: this certificate enables manufacturers to produce in series the products covered by the certification in total autonomy and, unless otherwise specified, without production limits and the need to use external laboratories for tests or inspections during the production process.
targeted solutions for the assessment and validation of the performance level of machineries and systems for manufacturers

PL (Performance Level) Verification & Validation

Are you an Industrial manufacturer who needs support in identifying and calculating the PL reached by the system in relation to the safety of your machineries?

Our specialists provide complete support for the PL (Performance Level) verification and compliance assessment according to ISO 13849-1, from the definition of the safety function to the selection of components, providing support with verification by means of the PL calculation. We also provide support with the PL validation in compliance with ISO 13849-2 by means of document verifications and functional fault injection tests both for hardware and application software.

Why H-ON Consulting:

  • Our service covers all necessary phases, from the determination of the required PL to the definition of requirements, up to the redaction of contracts for inspection and maintenance specifications.
  • Thanks to our proven experience and know-how, we are able to propose detailed technical solutions and identify the components to be used.
  • We carry out complete assessment of hardware and software.
  • We use an internationally recognized software for the PL calculation which is proven to be the best on the market in terms of performance.
targeted solutions for the reliability assessment of self-built components for manufacturers

Reliability Analysis

H-ON Consulting: Safety Engineering - Certificazione SIL e Safety Life Cycle

Are you a manufacturer who needs to identify the hazardous failure modes and rates of a specific equipment or industrial component?

Our specialists carry out the reliability analysis of industrial devices and self-built components in order to determine the main failure factors, the specific failure rate and its relevance within the industrial process. This type of assessment is useful to understand how the failure of a single device can affect the entire system, and what are the consequences. The reliability assessment is recommended for key devices whose correct operation is crucial for the availability of the entire system or industrial process. We specialize in carrying out all main availability assessments for single self-built components, including FMEDA, FMECA, Event Tree, Fault Tree, and FMD Study.

Why H-ON Consulting:

  • We have proven expertise for all types of mechanical, electronic, electromechanical components.
  • We use one of the most recognized design software available on the market in terms of performance.
targeted solutions to validate the conformity of a sis according to the iec 61511 standard for end users

SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Verification & Validation

Are you a system integrator or an end-user of systems intended to perform one or more safety functions?

The development and commissioning of a Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is certainly connected to the use of single suitable components which are implemented into safety-related control functions. However, the selection and combination of components which are individually able to achieve the agreed SIL (Safety Integrity Level) does not automatically imply that the entire SIS can be achieved.
For this reason, we provide targeted support to both system integrators and end users.
Thanks to a number of targeted services, it is possible to develop a complex system starting from the selection of components available on the market. This aims at creating a system which is able to achieve a specific SIL level.
Last but not least, the development of the applicative software and its consequent validation is an equally important step. Several potential risks for SISs derive from failure management logics or diagnostic capabilities which are ineffective due to programming.
In order to prevent this risk, our specialists provide complete support working side by side with companies to implement the applicative software as accurately as possible from the development phase, by means of targeted tests, to the validation phase.

Why H-ON Consulting:

  • Customized service: adaptable to any extension and complexity, from small stand-alone electromechanical systems to entire systems distributed on site and multi-platform.
  • Single interface for hardware and software: we support companies during the entire procedure, not only with hardware integration, but also with the development and validation of applicative software.
  • We use an internationally recognized certified software for the calculation of each safety function and the verification of the SIL achieved.
targeted solutions for process risk assessment in terms of costs and benefits

LOPA & ALARP Analysis

Are you a process engineer who needs to implement risk mitigation measures with the right compromise between costs and benefits?

LOPA (Layer of Protection Analysis) is a method which starts from the analysis of data collected through different risk analysis techniques and is aimed at quantifying the reduction of residual risk taking into consideration the existing mitigatory measures for a given risk.
This type of analysis is useful to determine the total amount of risk reduction required and evaluate any incremental measures intended to reduce to the minimum the risk connected to a given product or industrial system.
The LOPA method allows to determine the appropriate SIL level for a specific Safety Instrumented Function (SIF) in case a further reduction of the risk is necessary.
For each SIF it is crucial to determine how much the effective risk reduction is proportionate to the economic and technical effort that is necessary in order to reach it. In this respect we carry out a targeted analysis using ALARP (As Low As Reasonably Practicable) techniques.
The exact definition of risk reduction is a decision that is made taking into consideration the compromise between costs and benefits.
Thanks to our proven experience in this field we are able to define the right compromise between costs and benefits for various industrial sectors.

Why H-ON Consulting

  • We have over 10 years of proven experience regarding LOPA & ALARP assessments.
  • We apply fully integrated LOPA & ALARP analysis methods.
  • We adapt to the customer’s project, procedures and time frames.
targeted solutions for the analysis of reliability, availability, maintainability and safety of machinery

RAM & RAMS Analysis

Are you a process engineer who needs to verify whether a system is reliable and easy to maintain?

As a result of a greater demand for availability from end users of industrial products, the effects of failures and unexpected interruptions are becoming more and more serious for their owners, with negative consequences in terms of machinery safety and production volumes.
In order to prevent failure risk, we provide a complete set of analysis in terms of Reliability, Availability and Maintainability (RAM), as well as Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS).
These types of analysis aim at identifying the equipment or subsystems whose failure may compromise the availability of facilities.
We carry out quantitative risk analysis on reliability and implement effective countermeasures in order to improve the reliability, maintainability and safety of machineries.

Why H-ON Consulting:

  • We apply a computation method that relies on Monte Carlo or Markov simulations
  • We design customized Reliability Block Diagrams modelling
targeted solutions to identify safety for machineries and processes

HazOp & PHA Analysis

H-ON Consulting: Safety Engineering - Analisi HazOp e PHA

Are you a process engineer who needs support in identifying the criticality and risks connected to a process plant?

Our specialist help you identify the risks connected to complex systems or entire production processes using the most commonly used techniques, such Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) e Hazard Operability (HazOp).
Such risks can be identified, estimated and analyzed on the basis of accidental or non-accidental deviations of fundamental parameters for the main physical values that characterize the process in question.
Our team of specialized consultants provide companies with a complete service, from the organization of analysis sessions to their implementation and follow up.
Specific resources who are involved in the industrial process, such as support staff, specialists and the chairman, participate in these sessions.
Every session can be organized either at the customer’s plant or at our corporate headquarters.

Why H-ON Consulting:

  • Our services are specifically designed for complex systems.
  • We implement one of the most recognized HazOp software available on the market in terms of performance.