Compliance Manager (EAC and UL CSA)

Revision service of the technical requirements for conformity with local standards worldwide
We provide technical support to verify conformity on complex projects to make it easier for industrial machinery manufacturers to access the global market.

Support for manufacturers to manage contractual and conformity specifications

The Compliance Manager is the role we offer to facilitate access to the global market, with special attention to complex markets such as, for example, China or Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union or the North and South American market, where detailed knowledge of the technical regulations and language differences create barriers at the entrance.

Our Compliance Manager service is designed to support manufacturers in meeting the technical and conformity requirements of local standards, using a certification strategy that includes complete management of the contractual and engineering specifications in the job order.

The purpose of this service is precisely to make our expertise in verifying conformity available to simple or complex product manufacturers and to highlight the most important regulations applicable to a type of industrial product intended to be installed on any global market.

On request, the investigation can go further in-depth to analyze the composition of the product and various sub-components for conscious selection in conformity with mandatory regulations. In this case, the study is accompanied by a detailed design verification.

Our Compliance Managers are technicians who are native speakers for each country of reference with extensive knowledge of the technical legislation and professional organizational expertise to fully execute the punch list of each certification project in any global market, taking care of:

  • Analyzing the scope of supply, defining the certification strategy and the local applicable regulations
  • Communicating with certification bodies to meet local conformity requirements
  • Supporting the manufacturer in negotiating with the final customer, managing any contract-related conflicts
  • Supporting the manufacturer’s in-house engineering team to make any changes to the layout to meet local conformity requirements
  • Globally integrating modules so as to reduce the impact on costs and delivery times in the manufacturer’s favor
  • Satisfying specific requests regarding product composition in conformity with the mandatory requirements in the destination country


A Compliance Manager is a commissioned role that supports the manufacturer in complex certification processes and where there are markets with challenging entries due to, for example, the language and/or difficulty interpreting the local conformity standards.

A Compliance Manager technically takes care of:

  • managing conflicts between contractual specifications and local technical regulations
  • mapping the requirements and reliability of potential certification bodies
  • coordinating the manufacturer’s project management
  • supporting the manufacturer’s in-house engineering team

The support of a Compliance Manager is especially useful to access markets where the technical regulations are complex and knowledge of the language and the sector are fundamental, such as Russia, China, the United States, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, and India.

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