ICS Network Performance

Assessment of network quality and anomalies
Continuity of production is one of the key assets to be protected. This means that it should not be put at risk in terms of OT Cyber Security.

Learn how to identify anomalies and improve industrial network security

Among the main risks related to Industrial Cyber Security, the interruption of production in the event of an attack is certainly one of the most impactful factors.

Business continuity is a fundamental resource that can be protected while maintaining high quality of the network in terms of connected OT devices, protocols, architecture and recovery times.


Our consultancy provides the Cyber Security Managers of large manufacturing companies with a complete picture of network performance, which we investigate in depth through:

  • Acquisition of network information in the field
  • Back-office analysis of the collected data
  • Production of the Summary Report


When acquiring network information in the field, we collect details about the infrastructure, data traffic in passive mode, and logs and configurations of network devices.


The purpose of back-office analysis is to:

  • Analyze performance of the network (current network load and possible increase in load due to the introduction of new devices)
  • Identify any anomalies found (in terms of protocols, response times, communications, interruption of communications)
  • Define the quality of the network (especially in the presence of a real-time protocol)
  • Understand the effectiveness of network redundancy (in terms of architecture, protocol, recovery times)


At the end of the analysis we produce a summary report containing information on what was found and suggestions on any mitigation measures to be adopted.


The most common and most perceivable consequences for a company struck by a cyber attack are related, for instance, to business continuity due to interrupted production after stopping the attacked systems. Threats can also entail altering or inhibiting safety functions on machinery and systems; for example, when automation is implemented by safety PLCs connected online. There is also the environmental risk, where dangerous emissions from systems under attack can cause, similarly to business continuity or safety of machinery issues, serious damage financially and to the company’s reputation.

The legislative references in the IEC 62443 standard directed at OT device users are found in IEC 62443-2-1 and IEC 62443-2-4 regarding maintenance requirements of systems in conformity with the standard by introducing cyber security policies and procedures.

The “insurance” investment of prevention represents a minimum cost when compared with the potential cost to repair a cyber attack (disaster recovery), for example in the case of ransoms (typically in Bitcoin and often equivalent to millions of euros), but also the cost to make up for downtime or to repair hacked facilities.

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