OT Cyber Security GAP Analysis

Consultation for strengthening OT infrastructures against cyber attacks
Many Cyber Security OT projects fall short due to lack of operational strategy or real priorities for action; instead, it is necessary to rely on actual budgets and choose solutions based on risk analysis.

Strengthen the OT infrastructure starting with a GAP Analysis

We implement a systematic and comprehensive method to increase the resilience of your OT infrastructure to cyber attacks.

The path we apply is based on our high level of specialization in Industrial Cyber Security and our experience in the design and manufacture of plants and automation systems: we are not IT consultants, but rather OT consultants.

The uniqueness of our approach allows us to guarantee the most complete technical support to strengthen production assets and industrial control systems, guiding you to precise actions.


The starting point of any effective path is the Cyber OT GAP Analysis

This analysis makes it possible to highlight the shortcomings of the OT infrastructure with respect to the cybersecurity requirements outlined in the relevant current standards (including IEC 62443, New Machinery Regulation, NIS 2, Cyber Resilience Act and ISO 27001):

  1. We establish the perimeter, i.e., the factories, machines, and plants to be analyzed, based on processing, extension, or geographical location.
  2. We identify critical issues, through cyber risk analysis, Maturity Level definition, analysis of network infrastructure, control systems and vulnerabilities.
  3. We define the Improvement Plan. Based on the critical issues found and the risk‑benefit ratio, we determine the short- and medium- to long-term interventions, and the requirements that the solutions must fulfil.
  4. We quantify interventions. Estimating the cost of implementing the solutions allows your Management to receive a clear and objective view of the investment required for the success of the project.


Our approach is comprehensive and focused because:

Having completed the Cyber OT GAP Analysis, which we will have performed on all your systems, and whose initial status we will have traced, we will continue in stages:

  • Detailed Risk Assessment, to be conducted only where the identified risk is not tolerable for your reality.
  • Cyber Adjustments Report. The technical report we develop includes the list of mitigation measures and is the detailed specification. Correct application of the above, in line with the requirements of regulatory standards, creates the prerequisite for certifying the infrastructure.
  • Implementation of countermeasures. Our network of OT partners is available to carry out the most suitable measures for your specific case.
  • Development of Governance and Procedures related to Cyber Security OT to align your organization and processes with the requirements of the relevant standards.
  • Testing of OT infrastructure and tracking of results to ensure correctness of implemented solutions.


Future perspective

We are the only Italian certification body working for Cybersecurity that is ISASecure® accredited, and this allows us to issue the State of Compliance in accordance with IEC 62443 requirements upon completion of projects.

The unique opportunity to obtain the State of Compliance allows you to attest to the outcome of the path to strengthening your OT infrastructure, demonstrating its value to those who are interested in it (ownership, potential buyer, fund or multinational corporation, or regulators).

Learn more about the State of Compliance.


The most common and most perceivable consequences for a company struck by a cyber attack are related, for instance, to business continuity due to interrupted production after stopping the attacked systems. Threats can also entail altering or inhibiting safety functions on machinery and systems; for example, when automation is implemented by safety PLCs connected online. There is also the environmental risk, where dangerous emissions from systems under attack can cause, similarly to business continuity or safety of machinery issues, serious damage financially and to the company’s reputation.

The legislative references in the IEC 62443 standard directed at OT device users are found in IEC 62443-2-1 and IEC 62443-2-4 regarding maintenance requirements of systems in conformity with the standard by introducing cyber security policies and procedures.

The “insurance” investment of prevention represents a minimum cost when compared with the potential cost to repair a cyber attack (disaster recovery), for example in the case of ransoms (typically in Bitcoin and often equivalent to millions of euros), but also the cost to make up for downtime or to repair hacked facilities.

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Why Choose us

  • We have gained experience in the OT Cyber Security field since 2014
  • We test every solutions thanks to our in-house OT Cyber Security laboratory
  • Our specialists are IEC 62443/ISA 99-certified personnel (Fundamentals Specialist and Cyber Security Risk Assessment Specialist)
  • Automation and OT Network Security are some of our most performing competences
  • We have bulit a wide network of partnerships with the main international OT solution suppliers
  • Our BYHON internal division is the ISASecure® accredited certification body

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