IEC 61511 Training

Functional Safety training course
Targeted courses for personnel responsible for the safety systems used in the process industry.

Start a course for your team to learn the pillars of IEC 61511

Knowledge of IEC 61511 requirements is essential for those who use complex systems, to guarantee the safety of people, the environment and the infrastructure itself.

The objective of the training on the IEC 61511 standardis to support the people responsible for the safety systems used in the process industry in acquiring skills for the compliance with the functional safetyrequirements of the safety systems and on the performance of the systems.

It is possible to organize the training days online or in personaccording to the needs and the number of participants.

The training program is developed on-the-job, as it conceptually and operationally accompanies company figures who use safety systems that comply with functional safety standards.

The training plan covers the IEC 61511 standard and the applicable functional safety principles for the verification of the SIL level required, with the aim of training personnel through a technical-operational approach.

The training sessions are held by our TÜV Rheinland certified teachers,with referenced experience in the field of functional safety, and cover the following modules:

  • Functional safety management
  • Requirements of the safety lifecycle
  • Risk analysis
  • Safety Instrumented Functions
  • Assignment of SIL
  • Probability of failure on demand (PFD)
  • Safety Instrumented Systems
  • Residual Risk and Tolerable Risk
  • Determining of SIL
  • Calculation of PFDavg
  • Diagnostic coverage (DC)
  • Mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Proof Test and Proof Test Interval
  • Periodic Partial Tests
  • The Safety Manual
  • Risk analysis methods PRA, ALARP, HAZOP, LOPA
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of the SIS
  • FAT and SAT
  • Installation and commissioning of the SIS
  • Use and operation of the SIS
  • Maintenance, modification and disposal of the SIS

The skills acquired can therefore be put to immediate use in your organization, and are certified with the ​​participation certificate​.


A Safety Instrumented System (SIS) is a complex system that incorporates Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs) and is composed of at least three elements: i.e. sensors, safety logic solvers, and final elements such as stop valves or circuit breakers.

IEC 61508 provides the basic framework for functional safety, describing the minimum requirements that equipment and systems must possess in order to be used in different industrial sectors. IEC 61511 expands on these rules, setting out the specific minimum requirements for systems used in production plants and processes.

The conformity process involves the verification and validation of the SIL (Safety Integrity Level). The first step is to select those components that will allow the system as a whole to reach the desired SIL, followed by the development, testing and validation of the application software.

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  • We offer a customized service, adaptable to any system whatever its size and complexity
  • This includes a single interface for the hardware and software used to integrate the hardware and to develop and validate the application software
  • We use certified software in global use for calculating the individual safety functions and for verifying the final SIL

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