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The certification of conformity to IEC 61508 standards is the pinnacle to aim for to prove the functional safety of a component.

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Our internal BYHON division is accredited by ANSI and ISASecure® for the issuance of certification according to IEC 61508 schemes.


The certification roadmap is based on a Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) process that consists in assessing the adequacy of the functional safety obtained from the analyzed equipment, compared to the clauses established by IEC 61508.


The certification scheme can be divided into three parallel phases:

  • Detailed review of hardware and software design, where auditors review the product design against functional safety requirements together with the manufacturer’s designers;
  • Revision of the development of the Functional Safety Management System, which aims to verify the presence and applicability of a management system for the fulfilment of functional safety requirements;
  • Quality constraint audit, which aims to verify the implementation of the quality requirements of IEC 61508 in the manufacturer’s quality management system.



Functional safety is the branch of engineering that deals with safety systems equipped with electrical, electronic, and programmable electronic technology (E/E/PE) and is regulated by the international IEC 61508 standard. The goal of functional safety is to certify that there are no unacceptable risks that can cause physical injuries, direct or indirect harm to people or the environment. To this end, the IEC 61508 standard requires, where necessary, the implementation of safety systems capable of protecting people or the environment from such risks.

SIL stands for Safety Integrity Level. The IEC 61508 standard defines the SIL as the likelihood of a system carrying out a safety function at the time it is needed. A system’s SIL ranges from 1 to 4, where 4 is the maximum safety level.

The IEC 61508 standard is the basic international technical-legislative reference for functional safety that defines the minimum requirements for equipment and systems to be used in the various industrial sectors, for which some specific standards regulate proper implementation of these minimum requirements to the specific sectors; for example, the IEC 61513 standard for the nuclear sector, EN 60601 for medical devices, ISO 26262 for the automotive sector, IEC 61511 for the process industry, IEC 62061 for machinery, the EN 50126/8/9 series for railways, etc.

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  • Customized service tailored to your needs throughout the agreed upon process according to the IEC 61508 requirements
  • Single interface to assess proper operation of the hardware and software/firmware safety functions
  • Our internal division BYHON is ANSI accredited for Functional Safety certification according to the IEC 61508 standard

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