Performance Level (ISO 13849) Consulting

Performance Level Consulting
Request a consultancy for the verification and validation of the Performance Level in accordance with the ISO 13849-1 and ISO 13849-2 requirements.

Verify Conformity to the ISO 13849 Machinery Safety Standard

The ISO 13849 standard is the legislative reference for functional safety for industrial machines, which indicates the standards for the verification and validation of the Performance Level, i.e. the level of performance required for carrying out safety functions. 

Our consultancy supports you in the entire process of document verification of compliance with ISO 13849-1, and in the validation, according to ISO 13849-2, in which we carry out for your functional safety the detailed analysis and tests of hardware and software failure, to analyze the risks associated with the industrial machinery in use.

Our support includes:

  • Risk Analysis and assignment of PL
  • Verification of the requested PL
  • Systematic Failure Analysis and Functional Safety Management
  • Requirements definition
  • Drafting of the Validation Plan
  • Functional tests and drafting of the test report
  • Drafting of contracts for inspection and maintenance specifications

The analysis we carry out to support your functional safety meets the additional requirements for the industrial sector, in order to declare compliance with the Machinery Directive of the machines to be installed on the lines in use.


Part 1, ISO 13849-1, deals with designing SRP/Cs, providing the manufacturer with the provisions necessary to be able to design and build a system defined as “safe,” using the required PLr reliability level for integrated safety functions as a reference.

ISO 13849-2 deals with the subsequent phase regarding validation of the created SRP/Cs and indicates how to conduct assessments and testing to validate the system.

Validating the Performance Level provided for in Part 2 of the ISO 13849 standard is essential because this is the real part of the process that ensures the control system corresponds properly to the architectural principles, diagnostics, and system behavior in the event of common or systematic failure.

Performance Level validation is structured into three main phases:

  • defining a validation plan that includes all the pertinent documentation regarding the assessments and functional testing that must be conducted
  • validation via assessment, that is, low-level assessment on all applicable requirements
  • conducting functional testing, only if established in the validation plan and only mandatory for function categories that base their reliability on redundancy (or fault tolerance), classified as PLr category from 2 to 4

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Why Choose us

  • Our service includes coverage of all the stages necessary to verify and validate the required PL
  • We have professional experience and the most appropriate skills to recommend detailed technical solutions
  • We conduct complete hardware and software analysis
  • We use internationally-used, high-performance software to calculate the PL

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