Intergazcert Certificate

Intergazcert Certification for Russia
Our native Russian-speaking specialists will walk you through the process of obtaining the Intergazcert certificate to work on Gazprom projects.

Consulting for the certification of Gazprom project suppliers

Intergazcert is a recently developed certification system created for suppliers involved in projects with Gazprom or its branches.

Intergazcert presents itself as a complex supplier qualification process, where certification is often a mandatory requirement for manufacturers working on Gazprom projects.

Technical-regulatory skills, presence on the Russian market, and knowledge of the language allow us to provide manufacturers with complete service capable of helping them obtain the Intergazcert certificate.

We guarantee total supervision of the certification process, interfacing with the Intergazcert office to carry out the process of qualification and conformity with the technical standard on behalf of the manufacturer.


Intergazcert is a voluntary certification system introduced in Russia by PJSC Gazprom, which covers company products and processes.

Intergazcert certification is directed at Gazprom project suppliers and, in this sense, presents itself on the same level as a mandatory supplier qualification process for manufacturers that wish to create key projects for Gazprom or its branches.

The cost of Intergazcert certification varies based on the complexity of the product or process to certify and on whether any changes need to be made in order to make the product compliant with Gazprom standards. We invite you to contact us for a customized estimate.

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Why Choose us

  • Our technicians are native Russian speakers to facilitate communication with the Russian authorities
  • We manage the entire certification process
  • We have professional technical expertise in the Intergazcert certification field
  • We guarantee total compliance with customer deadlines

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