Machinery Conformity Restoring

Consultancy for the restoring of conformity of machinery and systems
We provide a highly specialized service for the compliance of equipment installed at plants all around Europe according to the Machinery Directive and local minimum requirements.

CE marking of machines and production lines in use

We adopt a systematic approach to the revamping of plants based on our high degree of specialization in consultancy on matters relating to the Machinery Directive and our experience in the design and manufacture of plants and automation systems.


The uniqueness of our approach allows us to guarantee the most complete technical support for the revamping of production equipment. Specifically, we carry out:

  1. GAP Analysis to identify the deficiencies of the machinery with respect to the safety requirements set down by the mandatory legislation. This analysis of non-conformities helps the manager of the prevention and protection service, the HSE Manager and the equipment safety managers to plan interventions according to priority, estimate the costs, and carry out each revamping project to schedule.
  2. Targeted inspection and detailed risk analysis (also available remotely)
  3. Technical documentation and safety report issuing for the next remediations
  4. Adjustments and tests carried out accordingly
  5. Issuing of the relevant documentation certifying the conformity of the equipment made available to workers in accordance with EC requirements or Annex I of the Machinery Directive 2009/104/EC.
  6. Maintaining machine conformity also with the use of H-DOCS, the proprietary software we developed for monitoring the relevant documentation and that today represents real digital support for HSE functions

We issue the EC declaration of conformity in the name of H-ON Consulting assuming the responsibility of the manufacturer to guarantee conformity of the production equipment.

Lastly, on request, we conduct additional activities including noise tests and electrical tests on the certified machine. We can also perform an earthing continuity test on the electrical panels, thereby covering every need during the testing phase.


Directive 2006/42/EC is the version of the Machinery Directive currently in force; the first version was drafted in 1989 (Directive 89/392/EEC) and subsequently revised in 1998 (Directive 98/37/EC).

The main purposes of the Machinery Directive are as follows:

  • to harmonize the health and safety requirements applicable to machinery, based on a high level of health and safety protection
  • to guarantee the free movement of machinery within the European market.

The Machinery Directive provides the following definition of “machinery” in

Article 2 Point 1: “An assembly, fitted with or intended to be fitted with a drive system other than directly applied human or animal effort, consisting of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, and which are joined together for a specific application”.

Every product placed on the market and subject to the Machinery Directive must be accompanied, for its entire useful life, by a CE Declaration of Conformity for machinery, issued by the manufacturer. Annex II of the Directive outlines the minimum contents that must be included in this document, both for​ machinery​ and for partly completed machinery​​.

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Why Choose us

  • Specialists with over 20 years of operational experience
  • We can issue CE certification in the name of H-ON Consulting
  • Customization according to the schedule of the revamping project
  • Replicability of the method of analysis and management of all kinds of machinery in different countries

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