RMRS Certificate

Russian Maritime Register of Shipping for offshore equipment
Our native-speaking specialists will walk you through the process of obtaining the RMRS certificate for maritime equipment in Russia.

Consulting for the RMRS certification for Russia

The RMRS (Russian Maritime Register of Shipping) certification works in a particular way if compared with other product certifications.
You should check whether your products are subject to the RMRS rules. You can check this out on the RMRS website.

The supervision regime, if any, must be verified. This shall be done on all the bill of material that makes up your supply.
In fact, according to the product, it can change the method of certification, documentation to be presented, and inspections.

It is therefore up to the manufacturer to evaluate the certification process according to the product.
RMRS invoices directly to the manufacturer without making any quotations.

Our consulting service can help carry out what is described above. We propose a bundle of consulting hours.
The activities to be conducted for certification can only be assessed after analyzing the product.


The Russian Maritime Register of Shipping (RMRS) is a global classification society closely associated with ice ships, high-tech icebreakers and ice-resistant equipment to develop offshore oil-and-gas fields and which establishes the requirements to certify this type of equipment.

The RMRS certificate is for particular product categories intended to be assembled and used on maritime vessels on the Russian market. Instead, the EAC certificate is mandatory for products to circulate in the Eurasian Economic Union and in the CIS. RMRS certification, however, does not exclude the mandatory EAC marking for product subject to the Russian maritime register.

The cost of RMRS certification varies based on the complexity of the equipment to certify and on whether any changes need to be made to the design in order to make the product compliant with the standards. We invite you to contact us for a customized estimate.

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