Are you a manufacturer of components or integrated systems aimed at one or more safety functions?

We provide you with a complete service in terms of conformity assessment for components or integrated systems for any SIL (SAFETY INTEGRITY LEVEL) level you may want to achieve.

We provide consulting and engineering support at international level for the safety and reliability of
industrial products

Sensors, mechanical valves, complex measurement systems and logic solvers equipped with firmware or embedded software are products designed to be involved into a safety loop.
What you have to do is validate the conformity to use for safety applications by means of the Safety Life Cycle, as defined by the IEC 61508 series of standards.
Obtain the SIL Certificate for your components or systems

Obtain the SIL Certificate for your
components or systems

Main applicable technical standards

  • IEC 61508-1÷7
  • IEC 61131-6

Types of SIL Certificates you can achieve with us


We provide SIL certificates, both type and unit certificates, for all the levels required by the IEC 61508 standard, in compliance with the requirements of competence and autonomy provided by the IEC 61508-1:2010 standard, Paragraph 8.

What we can do for you

  • We support your business with the planning, implementation and maintenance of the Safety Life Cycle
  • We support you with the integration and organization of the whole Safety Life Cycle, from the definition to the implementation of each phase, as defined by IEC 61508 reference standards
  • We provide you with a specific auditing service.