White Paper IEC 62443 for Products and Systems

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Cyber Security OT focuses on the defense of production first and foremost, and consequently on compliance with legislative standards, specifically IEC 62443. This content is edited in collaboration with Siemens Italy. We are Digital Transition Partner of Siemens Italy.

In this White Paper

The ultimate aim of IEC 62443 is the protection of the End User, an aspect around which each procedure of the Management System revolves. To achieve this aim, the standard specifies the requirements for the system manufacturer, component manufacturer and integrator, with a focus on the organization of roles and responsibilities.



  • Method according to Standard IEC 62443
  • Structure and Roles defined by the standard
  • Components vs. Systems in IEC 62443
  • Foundational Requirements (FR)
  • Secure Development
  • Some examples of Practices
  • Recommended solutions



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