Why we have said Yes to Smart Working since a long time

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We at H-ON Consulting were already structured and ready to smart work. The moment we are experiencing today has simply led us to extend it to the daily activities of the whole team.

After all, we could say that it had been easy, since we did not feel “forced” to agile work, due to the emergency caused by COVID-19. Agile work is just necessary. The health and the well-being of people for us, as for many other companies which have long since adopted the remote work as a practice, represents the top priority.

We truly believe that at the basis of this alternative way of working there must be a bond of trust between the company and its collaborators, a mutual trust repaid by the high level of quality and productivity, as we immediately observed during the a first phase of agile work experimentation within our organization.

We have said Yes to Smart Working since a long time because it empowers individuals, requires us to relate with each other in a different way, it teaches us to manage time flexibly and to move on a more entrepreneurial horizon, where everyone has the opportunity to measure themselves on their own objectives and projects management.

We will surely continue to say Yes to Smart Working also in the future, simply because the improvement in the balance between private and professional life is a tangible benefit; agile working is a further possibility available to our people, so why not take advantage of it?


The physical and mental balance of the individual becomes the true value that allows companies to grow


Quite the opposite of the trend we have experienced in the last weeks, we should claim that smart working cannot be improvised. This is not intended to be a criticism, but an advice towards a greater openness and digitalization of companies, without being unprepared at this stage, but above all, in the near future.

In this context, the natural premise requires that the activity to be carried out must be practicable and of equal effectiveness when carried out in the “home office” mode.


Each of us at H-ON Consulting is bynow able to see how smart working does not negatively affect the level of quality and efficiency of many of the services we provide, starting from customer service, up to the targeted and specialized technical support.

Thanks to this, we are able to support our Worldwide customers, as we usually use to.


While we hope that smart working won’t come back soon to be considered by many as just a residual way of working rather than a more than valid alternative way of working, we must also consider the efficiency of the tools available to smart workers. As it is specified by law, it is necessary to guarantee adequate working conditions, although the tasks are carried out far from the usual working places.

The Law 81/2017 in Italy, for example, focuses on organizational flexibility, on the voluntariness of the parties who sign the agreement and on the use of tools that allow the maximum efficiency to professionals while working remotely. Digital channels, video conferencing, Clouds and all the most suitable IT tools are necessary to create the optimal condition in which the worker must feel safe, in spite of the somewhat unusual situation.

This is the moment to test. The many and continuous exchanges that we daily experience both inside and outside an organization cannot completely fill the concreteness and the authenticity of human relationships that we are used to live every day.

We will return to “that normality”, and we will return to it even more enriched by the belief that smart working represents today one of the main opportunities available to us for the growth of the individual and entire organizations.


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