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We founder BYHON, a third-party Certification Body for Functional Safety certification, ANSI accredited.

SIL certification issued by BYHON

BYHON is n independent division of H-ON Consulting and certification body that provides SIL certification of products according to the international standards IEC 61508: 2010 Parts 1 – 7 for Functional Safety.

BYHON officially became an ANSI Accredited Product Certification Body – Accreditation #8914 in 2019. ANSI, American National Standards Institute, is a globally recognized institution for the accreditation of Certification Bodies that comply with IEC 17065 requirements.


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With over 20 years of operational safety engineering knowledge to assess the compliance with all applicable phases of IEC 61508 standards, BYHON dedicated team is able to contribute to product improvement by means of an accurate technical review of product design and client’s business processes. BYHON specialists are able to deeply validate safety-related applicative software along with a lean certification roadmap.


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BYHON certification roadmap is based on a Functional Safety Assessment process divided into subsequent activities and consisting of the evaluation of the adequacy of the SIL level achieved by the equipment under analysis – with respect to all the relevant clauses of IEC 61508 standard.

The main phases of the SIL certification process according to the BYHON roadmap are presented below:

  1. Survey’s at client premises
  2. Functional Safety Assessment
  3. SIL Certification (with Functional Safety label with ID Code)


How to SIL certify a product

The certification process described above is the general approach that BYHON follows for all equipment types. Depending on product complexity the tasks of the SIL certification process can be arranged and scheduled differently. BYHON Certification Scheme, Certification Agreement, and information regarding issued certificates are available upon request.

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