H-ON Consulting

Our vision is to ensure the continuous professional growth and well-being of people.

Our company was founded by a group of over-20-years experienced professionals to support companies to design first-class safe industrial products. We work to ensure mutual professional growth to its partners and at the same time to protect final customers, businesses, operators, families and the environment.

Product safety is a top priority for us.

We achieve our goals by managing our activities in a way that minimizes risks and promotes excellence in the performance of our daily operations for the well-being of our customers.
Our passionate team of experienced consultants has decades of operational experience in the safety design of integrated automation systems and implementation of their software, as well as in the mechanical safety design of machines components and plants.
Our know-how is an important added value for our customers in terms of designing the safety of their industrial products.

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H-ON Consulting: our growth every year 30% since 2011

We believe in product safety... because people come first

H-ON Consulting - We believe in product safety... because people come first

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