UL CSA Consulting

Consulting on UL CSA and further Conformity Certificate for USA and Canada
We provide assistance for conformity certification according to the machine safety standards in the United States and Canada, including the UL/CSA mark.

Consulting for machinery marking in the USA and Canada

The American market can be approached through various methods in terms of conformity. It is important to understand which requirements are applicable to the product, when certification is mandatory and, subsequently, how the testing bodies and laboratories can intervene to verify machine safety.
H-ON Consulting is the ideal partner in obtaining conformity certification for the American and Canadian market: we guide the American UL certification and Canadian CSA certification process, putting our customer’s business objectives first.

We support manufacturers in obtaining conformity certification for systems intended for the American and Canadian markets according to the UL/CSA conformity requirements, thanks also to a vast network of direct contacts with local laboratories, including Intertek and FM.

Our consulting service for UL/CSA marking includes:

  • Analyzing the scope of supply and setting up the proper certification strategy
  • Selecting and supervising the roles included in the certification process, Professional Engineer and CEBO
  • Drawing up technical documentation to manage conformity and inspections
  • Expediting, checking, and collecting supplier-related documentation
  • Checking the regulations and requirements applicable to the product
  • Supporting and verifying conformity with various suppliers


We are a technical consultancy company that deals with the compliance with technical regulations, we are not a notified body capable of issuing certifications or carrying out tests on equipment according to Canadian standards.

If you need support to define the UL or CSA requirements we will help you evaluate, otherwise, if your need is certification, you should contact an accredited body that can issue the certificate.


UL certification is the valid local standard for the circulation of some types of products, including industrial equipment, within the United States. Instead, the CSA mark is valid for the Canadian market. Other applicable standards are the OSHA, ANSI standards for workplace and machine safety in the USA, and the Canadian Registration Number (CRN) for the use of pressure vessels in Canada.

The UL mark covers construction materials, industrial equipment, protective firefighting equipment for personnel or for industrial vehicles, and other products like wetsuits intended for the American market, the certification of which is voluntary but strongly recommended to facilitate the circulation of industrial equipment on the North American market, based on contractual, insurance-related, or legal reasons. CSA certification for the Canadian market follows a similar logic.

The cost of UL/CSA certification varies based on the complexity of the machinery or component to certify and on whether any changes need to be made to the design in order to make the product compliant with the standards. We invite you to contact us for a customized estimate.

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Why Choose us

  • We have direct contacts with American laboratories (NRTL such as, for example, UL, Intertek, CSA, FM)
  • We ensure complete, immediate support
  • We guarantee total compliance with your deadlines
  • We have professional technical expertise in the UL/CSA conformity certification field for the American and Canadian market

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